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King Zhao of Zhou

Zhao's reign occurred at a point when the Zhou Dynasty had expanded across the Zhouyuan or central plains of China and turned its attention to South China. Zhao was killed and his campaigning army were wiped out south of the Han river, establishing the limit of direct control of the south during the Western Zhou Dynasty.

According to the traditional, moralistic rendition of Zhao's life, he loved pleasure and disregarded politics. As a result, the Zhou Dynasty began to falter under his inept rule. King Zhao especially liked rare plants and animals, and decided to go on a trip to Chu, a state, after an emissary claimed that Chu caught a rare bird. After crossing Han River, King Zhao realized that this is a trick. After several inconclusive battles with Chu forces, he began to retreat, looting and raiding the countryside as he went. While on a boat on Han River, the boat sprung a leak and King Zhao drowned, marking the end of his reign.

Personal information

Ji in
Xia in
Era name none
Father King Kang of Zhou
Mother unknown
Wife unknown
Children King Mu of Zhou
Approximate duration of reign -977 BC
Tomb unknown
Temple name unknown
Courtesy name unknown
Posthumous name Zhao 昭 , literary meaning: "shining"

Personal information

* Father
** King Kang of Zhou
* Mother
** ?
* Wife
** ?
* Children
** , later King Mu of Zhou

Born 1020

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