Thursday, September 4, 2008

King Cheng of Zhou

King Cheng was young when he ascended the throne. His uncle, Archduke Zhougong , fearing that Shang forces might rise again under the possible weak rule by a young ruler, became the regent and supervised government affairs for several years. Zhougong established the eastern capital at Luoyang, and later defeated a rebellion by King Cheng's brothers. King Cheng later stablized Zhou Dynasty's border by defeating several barbarian tribes along with Duke Zhougong.

Personal information

Ji in
Song in
Era name none
Father King Wu of Zhou
Mother Yi Jiang, daughter of Jiang Taigong
Wife unknown
Children King Kang of Zhou
Approximate duration of reign 1042 BC-1021 BC
Tomb unknown
Temple name unknown
Courtesy name unknown
Posthumous name Cheng 成 , literary meaning: "established" or "successful"

Personal information

* Father
** King Wu of Zhou
* Mother
** Yi of state of Qi, daughter of
* Wife
** ?
* Children
** , later King Kang of Zhou

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