Thursday, September 4, 2008

King Li of Zhou

King Li of Zhou was the tenth sovereign of the Chinese .

King Li was a corrupt and decadent king. To pay for his pleasures and vices, King Li raised taxes and caused misery among his subjects. He enstated a new law which allowed him to punish anyone, by death, who dared to speak against him. King Li's bad rule soon forced many peasants and soldiers into revolt, and Li was forced into hiding. His son was taken by one of King Li's ministers and hidden. The angry mob couldn't find the prince and soon dispersed.

The officials elected Gong Bo He as regent, and Gong Bo He ruled for fourteen years before the prince was revealed as the heir to the throne.

Ji in
Hu in
Era name none
Father King Yi of Zhou
Mother unknown
Wife unknown
Children King Xuan of Zhou
Approximate duration of reign 877 BC-841 BC
Tomb unknown
Temple name unknown
Courtesy name unknown
Posthumous name Li 厲 , literary meaning: "stern"

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